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May 13, 2009

One Good Effect of the Recession – More People Cooking Meals at Home

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Of course, no one could describe the recession as a good thing. People are out of work, pensioners are struggling, what savings we have are earning very little interest and it doesn’t look changing any time soon.

Its not all doom and gloom though.

Sadly for restauranteurs, but happily for the rest of us, people are starting to cook ‘proper’ meals at home again.

Previously, large sections of the population ate junk food and TV dinners at home and went out to enjoy a ‘proper meal’ – but not any more.
People are now opening there recipe books or searching for recipes online (try this collection of free recipes) and preparing tasty and nutritious meals at home.

Not only that, but they are finding it is far easier to cook than they first thought, far cheaper, and far more nutritious.

No offence to restauranteurs, but lets hope it continues.

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