Captain Serious

June 27, 2011

Its the Perfect Time of the Year for a Hog Roast !

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The summer is here in the UK – the last few days have been the perfect weather for a barbecue, but that is not what we had.

Oh no – we went the full ‘Hog’.. we had a hog roast :)

It was a large party we had planned, and I certainly didn’t fancy donning my chef’s hat and getting all stressed over a few burgers and chops – I wanted to to enjoy it myself this year, so we got some professionals in, and a great choice it was too. They did all the hard work, and I relaxed – no worries about whether things were cooked safely, an no worrying about equipment to clean and pack away afterwards.

If you fancy the same thing, try these guys : hog roasts … they did me proud.